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Voices of Youth

Voices of Youth is a youth-driven project that explores the lived experiences of young people in the Northwest Territories who self-identify as being part of the disability community. Our project collects the narratives of young people in order to share authentic representations of the successes and challenges we face in our communities. Our stories have been compiled to showcase the resilience, strength and vibrancy of the disability community in the Northwest Territories. It is also our hope that these narratives serve as an outlet to better understand what is means to live with disability in the Northwest Territories, while creating space to critically examine the barriers that persist for us in our home communities.

Voices of Youth was completely independently by twelve youth across the territory and we are proud to showcase their efforts. 


Article in News North (Monday August 28)

Article in Yellowknifer (Wednesday August 30)

Inuvik Outreach Office

The Inuvik Outreach Office is quite active, hosting community events, providing information, referral and support services, and striving to create a more inclusive community for northern residents.

We are currently awaiting to fill this position.

Tel.: 867.678.0432 

Email: inuvikoutreach@nwtdc.net