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Annual Benefit Auction 2017

Our Annual Benefit Auction on October 20th was a spooktacular success! Thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers!

Experience Summer Promo

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Third Running YK Grand Prix 2015

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Benefit Auction 2013

Our 2013 Benefit Auction was a tremendous success! Thank you to all our contributors.


Here is a look at the event.

Second Running YK Grand Prix 2014

The second running YK Grand Prix was a huge success! We can’t wait for next year and are already planning for then.

grey 2 gd street view gd street sweeper gd start gd scoreboard gd robert and mikey gd riley car gd racer5 gd racer face gd of girl in car gd min. with kid at start gd min. start gd min. at start gd kiddie racers gd finish gd eating gd crowd gd crowd (2) gd cor at start gd barbeque gd air tindi gd air tindi 2 future racer trophies racer 5 race 4 race 3 race 1 neil music gd minister photobomb minister at start mikey m race 6 mikey m race 5 mikey m race 4 mikey m race 3 mikey m race 2 mikey m race 1 mc chat kid in cart kid in car grey